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ID# 000189

Narcosis Dive Charters

West Palm Beach, FL 33405
United States
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The West Palm Beach Florida area offers a multitude of diving opportunities. Colorful reefs, shipwrecks, massive schools of fish, lobstering, underwater photography - it's all here, and just minutes from the dock. Whatever your scuba diving interest or experience level, we have it all.

Fed by the Gulfstream's rich currents, Palm Beach County waters host an abundance and diversity of marine life that rivals anything in the Atlantic or Caribbean. Over 300 species of fish life and several thousand species of coral, sponge, and other invertebrate life are found here. Our reefs are home to huge schools of spadefish, snappers and grunts, rays, several species of turtles, including the huge loggerheads, green and spotted moray eels, spiny lobsters, and nurse sharks to name but a few. In addition to the many miles of natural reef, our wreck and artificial reef system attracts goliath grouper, barracuda and reef, lemon and bull sharks, and provides alternative habitat for juveniles of all species.