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Learn More about this Author4 Quick & Simple SEO Moves

Most of SEO takes hard work: linkbuilding, generating good content, and establishing yourself as a trustworthy source in your space. But these four small moves can make a huge difference in how your company succeeds in presenting itself to search engines and to people.

1. Get a Google page

If you’re optimizing for Google, you’ll want to be listed on Google . This gives you more than an opportunity to share your business with the (admittedly few) G users. You can also highlight important pages on your website, post a useful description of yourself, and show authorship of guest articles you’ve written on other outlets.

2. Check for broken links

Google’s Webmaster Tools lets you know whether your site has any server or 404 errors. This way, you can easily check to make sure that your site is functioning well and that Google is crawling and indexing it. Also, if you redirect a page to another site (301), use a tool like Open Site Explorer to find out who’s linking to the page, and ask them to update the link.

3. Use monthly archives and categories for your blog

If you’re using a WordPress theme that supports archives, enable them. An archive widget in your blog’s footer or sidebar helps connect your entire site, and keeps posts from becoming abandoned. Categories offer a similar opportunity, since you’ve now given Google a way to group your content by topic.

4. Use markups

Schema.org offers a list of tags that you can use to give Google a general sense of what type of content you’re writing. For example, if you’re writing a product review and you give the product a 4 out of 5, Google knows to pull out the ratings and display star ratings in its search. This demonstrates that your content is in-depth and relevant to your field. You can use Google’s rich snippets testing tool to verify that all of your Schema.org markup is formatted correctly.

Good SEO isn’t about gaming Google, it’s about letting Google know about your high-quality content – a newsletter of updates and important topics, rather than junk mail. These four steps will help Google realize that you have thoughtful and relevant content.

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