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Extending or Renewing an Ad on A Classified Marketplace.com is an easy operation. In fact, the process is a simple three click operation. In case you need guidance, here is a quick walk-through of how you can extend an ad, before it comes up for expiration, or renew an ad that has already expired in your account.

Let's begin. First, in order to create postings and interact with your account at A Classified Marketplace.com you must be a registered member. Registration is completely free of charge for regular use of our marketplace. Your registration is required in order for us to create an account for you to track your listings and communicate with interested parties.

If you have not yet registered with us, please click here to register!

Once you have registered to post items, you can begin posting ads. Free Listings on A Classified Marketplace run for a total of 90 days before any action is necessary. You can choose to manually manage your listings by extending the Free ad during the 90 day period, or you can renew your listing after the 90 expiration has occurred.

In order to perform this process, please use the following directives.

  • Step 1: Click on "My Account" on the menu bar.

  • Step 2: Look for the Posting that you need to Extend or Re-run by looking at the active start and end dates:
    renew & extend your active listings

  • Step 3: Click the wording that reads either "Extend" or "Rerun". In doing so your ad will automatically renew or extend the life of the ad.
    renew & extend your active listings

Congratulations! You have just extended your ads here at A Classified Marketplace!

To see your ad, you can simply click "My Account" on the menu bar and elect to view the listing from your list of active postings, or you can navigate to your ad through the categories available on your "Home" page.

Remember, if you want to change any content or make changes to the posting, simply go back into "My Account" and edit your listing. Be sure to Save your Changes when editing your listings!

If you have any questions please contact us today!