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Community Idea Exchange

In the current economic environment, it is critical to promote your business or service through as many channels as is possible. Here at A Classified Marketplace.com, creating a Free Classified listing to promote your business is an easy process. We provide you with many options for contact, promotion and description of your listings, but in case you have any questions on the posting process, here is a detailed walk-through.

Let's begin. First, in order to post and promote with A Classified Marketplace.com you must be a registered member. Registration is completely FREE for regular use of our marketplace. Your registration is required in order for us to create an account that enables you to track your listings and communicate with interested parties.

If you have not yet registered with us, please click here to register for FREE!

Once you have registered to post items, we can move forward with the listing walk through. First, think about what you would like to say to about your business to promote it in the best possible manner. From there, what category would best describe your business or business service?

Here At A Classified Marketplace we have created an entire section of classified categories to specifically promote local businesses and services. To view this section and decide where to post your listing, simply click on the "Services" section within our Classifieds. We ask that all businesses and local services please post in our "Services" subcategories.

Now that you have an idea of where to place your ad, let's move through the operation to post your ad.

  • Step 1: Click on "My Account" on the menu bar.

  • Step 2: Click on "Create New Listing"

  • Step 3: Click in the area that reads "Select One". In doing so you will access a drop-down list of our many categories and sub categories and can easily choose where to post your listing. Use the scroll bar within the drop-down list for speedy viewing!

  • Step 4: Click on "Next". You will be redirected to choose the plan associated with the listing.

  • Step 5: Select your plan from 90 days of free ads to featured listings and beyond!
  • Step 6: Click "Next". You will be redirected to the page to create your listing.
Once you have completed those 6 easy steps, it's time to detail the specifics of your business, product or service.

On this page there are a numerous inputs that allow you to customize your listing to your satisfaction. Required fields, including the title and description of the ad, are marked by a small red arrow.

Under "Listing Details", fill in the information to customize your posting. A short description of the listing inputs are as follows, with  "Acme Widgets" used for purposes of example:

  • Title - This is a short "Mini-Description" that users will see when initially viewing your Business Promotion Listing. Use this section to catch someone's eye with what you have to offer as a Business. For example, "Acme Widgets, Makers of Fine Luxury Widgets since 1989".

  • Description - The description is intended for use in fully describing your business, item or service. You have 10,000 characters to use in this section, so get creative! Open html coding can be used to link to other pictures from your business website or other online resource.

  • Name - The Name associated with the account will show up for this listing. You can elect to fill in your business name in this section.

  • Address - Optional Information. Great way to promote your exact business location for people to find and visit you easily. Wonderful for Brick and Mortar small businesses with interest in giving exact location details.

  • City - Your small business' nearest general location.

  • Postal Code - Used for matching locational searches by visitors to the site who are looking for your postings.

  • Country - Select your Country

  • State - Select your State

  • Add Map - Can be used to provide people with mapped locational details for finding your small business location.

  • Phone - If you want your telephone listed with your posting then provide it in this field. Ex. 561-555-0007. Area code and number.

  • Email - This email is filled in automatically and is not visible on the site.

  • Include Profile with Listing - Links your profile on your account to the listing for public optional viewing.

  • Web Site - If you have a website that you would like to be associated with the listing you can input it here. This will connect in the listing to a choice for visitors to link over to your web site.

  • Condition - This is the condition of the listing. If your item is a product you may elect to choose New or Used, or Not Applicable if you are promoting an event, service or otherwise.

  • Quantity Available - Not Applicable for most small businesses.

  • Price - The price for your promotional product or service.

  • Or Best Offer - Whether or not you will accept a best offer on the item. Usually non-applicable for small business listings.

  • Payment Info - How your small business accepts payments for service. You can elect to provide all your payment details.

  • Shipping Info - Fill in any pertinent details about shipping of your business items. This would include quick details of the potential cost that could be applied additionally to your potential customers.

  • Your Coupon - Easily upload a digital image of your company coupon for distribution purposes on the listing.

  • Photos - Use our easy to use uploading tool to upload images from your computer to post with the listing of your business. Number of Photos will be dependent on the plan you chose for this  posting. Note: You do not have to post pictures for your ads, but posting pictures will increase the level of interest in a posting.

When you are finished posting this information, you can easily choose whether to save the listing as a draft copy or whether to submit the listing and publish your small business ad on the open marketplace.

When you are satisfied with the listing, click on "Submit Listing"

Congratulations! You have just posted your first of many small business ads here at A Classified Marketplace!

To see your ad, you can simply click "My Account" on the menu bar and elect to view the advertisement from your list of active postings, or you can navigate to your ad through the categories available on your "Home" page.

Remember, if you want to change any content or make changes to the posting, simply go back into "My Account" and edit your listing. Be sure to Save your Changes when editing your listings!

If you have any questions please contact us today!